Before the opening of the FISU forum IS REMAINING


2018-08-07 11:56:06
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Today the FISU Forum “Student sport — springboard for innovative leadership” started its work on the territory of Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

Inhabitants of five continents, Eurasia, South and North America, Australia and Africa, all in all 170 people from 50 countries came to the host city of the Winter Universiade 2019. Students, NUSFs representatives, famous athletes, scientists and experts with the experience of international events organization will discuss the issues of youth sports movement development around the globe.

The first day started with the panel discussion, the participants of which became the experts from different countries. Oleg Matytsin FISU President welcomed the guests, “The main goal of the Forum is to define the student sport problems and try to find the ways of their solution. I believe that the main legacy of the international sports events, the Winter Universiade 2019 inclusive, is the human resource. I am sure that the country and Krasnoyarsk city will get the professional team which will show its worth at various times».

Then the plenary session continued the work of the FISU Forum. Barry Maister the Chairman of MOC Educational Committee told within his speech that the student sport needs leaders having such qualities as the ability to take the responsibility, to listen to the team members and to convey the general assignment.” One more speaker – Georgy Bilman, the Director of Volunteer Center of 2018 FIFA World Cup reminded on the importance of the volunteers’ work. They largely determine the atmosphere of the international sports events.

The representative of the delegation of Australia, Ian Fitzpatrick, shared his impressions on the event and the host city of the Winter Universiade 2019, "The purpose of my visit is to get acquainted with colleagues from other countries, share Australian experience in supporting athletes and see how Krasnoyarsk is preparing for the Games. I plan to attend the Winter Universiade 2019 together with the team of Australia. I really liked Krasnoyarsk, Yenisei reminded me of my native places, and we have a river there. I am satisfied with the living conditions in Perya Dormitory Complex, we were warmly welcomed, the Complex has all the amenities."

It is to mention that the FISU Forum is the third test event of the Winter Universiade 2019. The participants were accommodated in the new Perya Dormitory Complex situated in the future Universiade Village in order to check the readiness of the premises to welcome a large number of guests.

The FISU Forum works till August 10 inclusive.