Before the opening of the FISU forum IS REMAINING

Forum Programme

Date 2018 Activity Remark
August 4,Saturday Arrivals & Accreditation EduC & Cde & GEC
August 5, Sunday Arrivals & Accreditation EduC & Cde & GEC
Participant Arrivals & Accreditation

August 6,Monday Panel Discussion on the main Topic
Educational Programme: "Innovative Leadership in (university) sport"
29th Winter Universiade Venue Tour
Day 1
August 7,Tuesday Opening Ceremony
Educational Programme: "Equal Opportunities in Sport"
Project Management, Seminar for Officials
Welcome Dinner
Day 2
August 8,Wednesday
Educational Programme: "Values and Ethics – Good Governance"
Project Management, Seminar for Officials Sport Activities (Curling)
Day 3
August 9,Thursday Educational Programme: "Dual Career" Project Management,
Seminar for Officials 29th Winter Universiade Forum Fair
Day 4
August 10, Friday Summary of the FISU Forum
Closing Ceremony
Farewell dinner
Day 5
August 11,Saturday Departure of Participants

Forum Fair

During the FISU Forum, a Forum Fair will be organized where all the delegations’ members will have an opportunity to arrange their own exhibition location to demonstrate their structure and activities as well as the status of the university sport in their countries through demonstration of exhibits and cultural and entertainment performances. Participants of the Forum Fair will be able to exchange ideas, get acquainted with other cultures and initiate joint projects. The host party, in its turn, will provide:

    • space, 2х2 m;
    • exhibition stand, 2х2 m;
    • stand, 1x1,1 m;
    • office supplies;
    • consumables.

We kindly ask the participants of the Fair to bring flags and logos of their NUSF and other materials for the exhibition stand decoration.

Sports programme

Curling activity is planned to be held as part of the FISU Forum sports programme. Participants will have an opportunity to try their hand at curling at the new venue where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Universiade 2019 will take place.

All the participants are kindly asked to bring with them:

    • warm clothes;
    • shoes for curling activity (rubber-soled shoes) to assure the safe standing.